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Over the years, we’ve set up numerous quality meetings and introduced many like-minded investors to each other.

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The tricky business of risk

Over the years, we’ve had many conversations with our members and their advisors on risk. While does not provide any investment advice, mainly acting as an information channel to and between family offices and other investors, it’s essential for us that we understand what risk truly is.

One of the most common misconceptions, often pointed out by our members who are less public market prone, is that volatility is risk. The stock market is a good example of this. For instance, the Nintendo company’s stock market value suddenly rose massively through the success of the Pokémon Go game, then to suddenly drop again when Nintendo kindly pointed out they wouldn’t make too much money out of it.  That’s volatility to you.  Was the Nintendo company riskier or less risky before or after the announcement? Probably not.  It’s the same company with the same management making the same products in the same countries and currencies.

London Real Estate - The New Gold?

At, we regularly attend conferences and we discuss projects with a lot of real estate investors and developers.

One of the topics which never fail to come up is the London real estate market. Indeed, the prices for real estate in Mayfair, Chelsea, Knightsbridge and other sought after burroughs in London have been defying gravity for the last five years.

Some deals realised on

Building a platform and an investing community has to be done one step at a time. After all, when you say “investing”, you immediately think “trust”. And trust is an honoured guest who doesn’t come easy and leaves rather quickly.